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Island Peak 6189m. Cost $ 2275 P.P

Island Peak  6189m.  Cost $ 2275 P.P Island Peak 6189m, (Imja Tse) is a mountain in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal. The peak was named Island Peak in 1951 by Eric Shipton's party since it appears as an island in a sea of ice when viewed from Dingboche. In 1952 Eric Shipton followed the Imja River en-route to the remote Barun gorge between Baruntse & Makalu. During that journey he described a mountain "resembling an island in....

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Lobuche Peak (6119 m.) Cost USD $ 2245.00 P.P

Lobuche Peak (6119 m.) Cost USD $ 2245.00 P.P Lobuche (6119 m.) is an attractive peak located in Khumbu region, which offers various existing routes and also a potential for new ones. The dark triangle of its rocky East face rises over the moraines of the Khumbu Glacier to a spectacular skyline, forming the south ridge. The Lobuche Peak consists of two different summits, which are East and West with heights of 6,119 m and 6,145 m respe....

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Pokalde Peak 5806 m. cost USD $ 2125.00 P.P

Pokalde Peak 5806 m. cost USD $ 2125.00 P.P Pokade Peak (or Dolma Ri) is a mountain peak of Nepal situated 12 km southwest of Mount Everest. Pokalde Peak is one of the shortest and easiest trekking peaks in the Everest Region. The majority of the 650m climb from base camp requires little more than walking with short sections of scrambling up rock.   During the trekking seasons this rocky peak is scarcely covered by snow. De....

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Yala Peak climbing (5500m.) Cost $ 1450 P.P

Yala Peak climbing (5500m.) Cost $ 1450 P.P Yala peak is located in the north of Kathmandu in the beautiful Langtang valley region of Nepal. This climbing peak is one of Nepal’s easier climbing peaks and is often climbed along with its neighbour Naya Kanga. One does not require mountaineering experience to enjoy the adventure to Yala peak. From the summit of Yala Peak you get uninterrupted spectacular views of, Langtang Lirun....

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Pachermo Peak 6272m. USD $ 2125.00 P.P

Pachermo Peak 6272m.   USD $  2125.00 P.P  Pachermo peak is an attractive snow peak, which lies on the south of the Tashi Lapcha. It has a north-by-northwest ridge, which rises from the crevassed glacier astride the Tashi Lapcha. From the high camp near the Tashi Lapcha cross wide, crevasse snow slopes to gain the ride of Pacharmo, rising from the broken glacier of the pass. The ridge is followed with little difficulties, althou...;

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Naya Khanga Peak (5844m.) Cost $ 1685.

Naya Khanga Peak (5844m.) Cost $ 1685. The Langtang Valley stretches up to the Tibet border, so its not surprising the culture here is strongly influenced by Tibetan ancestry and geographical proximity. Langtang Valley is framed on the north, by peaks of about 6500m, and to the south, lower range of 5-6000m. Naya Kanga falls in the southern range. The Naya Kanga is the peak having  shortest peak expedition in Nepal. It only takes...;

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Mera Peak 6476m. 10 % off for 2020

Mera Peak  6476m.  10 % off for 2020 Mera Peak is a mountain which lies in the Khumbu region of Nepal. At 6,476 metres, it is classified as a trekking peak. Mera Peak is the highest trekking peak in Nepal, which can be climbed without pre-mountaineering experience because technically Mera Peak is not difficult to climb. But due to the high-altitude participants need to be fit and use to with the use of an ice-axe and cramp....

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Kyajo Ri Peak 6186m. Cost USD $ 2875.00 P.P

Kyajo Ri Peak 6186m. Cost USD $ 2875.00 P.P The Kyajo Ri peak was officially opened to climbing by the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism in 2002 and listed on group 'A' climbing peak by Nepal Mountaineering Association. The first ascent was made that year by a French/British team. The good route to climb the Kyajo Ri peak is from Mende, (the village in Thame side from Namche) and the other route is from Machhermo side, in the Gokyo valley. &nbs...n

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